CADES is an international and interdisciplinary Advanced Master’s programme in Cultures and Development Studies hosted by the anthropology research centres at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the KU Leuven.
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16 May 2016
Key note lecture Michael M.J. Fischer

Michael M.J. Fischer (MIT) will deliver a key note lecture on May 25 2016 during the Research Day.

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10 May 2016
23 May - Lunch seminar with Stijn Reijnders - 23 May

Stijn Reijnders' presentation will focus on media tourism: the phenomenon of people visiting locations from films, novels, music, TV series or other examples of popular culture. Recent years have seen a dramatic, worldwide increase of this type of tourism, with far-reaching implications for the experience and organization of landscapes. ... read more

28 Apr 2016

Consult the ahead of print publication of the Ethnos special issue on Connectivity and Chronotopes of Media in Sub-Saharan Africa co-edited by our colleague Katrien Pype and Richard Vokes (U of Adelaide)

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22 Feb 2016
Urban Now: City Life in Congo

The exhibition, Urban Now: City Life in Congo, is the result of a collaboration between Professor Filip De Boeck and Congolese photographer Sammy Baloji. The exhibition will be shown at WIELS, Brussels from 8 May until 14 August 2016. The WIELS website describes this exhibition in the ... read more

17 Feb 2016
IMMRC Lecture Series Fabricating Futures

Pnina Werbner, Keele University

As we watch the streams of refugees fleeing from Syria on our TV screens, it is easy to forget that the political aesthetics of the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and initially also in Bahrain and Syria, embodied ... read more

30 Jan 2016
Fabricating futures in economies of finiteness

The ‘futures’ addressed in this lecture series are as complex and heterogeneous as the spaces of economic production, social commonality, and political mobilization which they are producing or constituting. Moreover, these futures are fabricated in/by crises of different kinds. Crises that appear in dramatic forms and patterns of im/mobility: ... read more

27 Jan 2016
Why We Post

This paper reports on research by nine anthropologists who simultaneously carried out a collaborative 15 months ethnography on the use and consequences of social media in fieldsites ranging from the Syria-Turkey border, an IT complex in south India to both factory and a rural town in China, a squatters ... read more

23 July 2015
Full programme online

The fourth instalment of the Interdisciplinary Debates on Development and Cultures invites renowned scholars and activists to discuss urbanism from a Global South perspective. The Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa (IARA) continues its collaboration with the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning (ASRO) for yet another series of ... read more

30 Apr 2015
8 KULeuven programmes are in top 50 of QS World University Rankings 2015

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015, published yesterday, highlights the strength of the advanced Master’s programme Cultures and Development Studies. The CADES programme is 39th in the rankings by subject. 7 other KULeuven programmes feature in the world’s top 50 according to the British company Quacquarelli Symonds ... read more

30 Apr 2015
12 May - Guest Lecture by prof. Tania Murray Li

CADES has the pleasure to invite you to a lecture by prof. Tania Murray Li based on her latest book Land’s End. Drawing on two decades of ethnographic research in Sulawesi, Indonesia, professor Li offers an intimate account of the emergence of capitalist relations among indigenous highlanders who privatized ... read more

02 Mar 2015
The Interdisciplinary Debates detailed fall programme will soon be online

For the fourth time, the Institute for Anthropological Research on Africa and the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning will jointly organize an interdisciplinary debates series focusing on Cities in Development.

Renowned guests such as Susan Parnell (African Centre for Cities), Colin McFarlane (Durham University), Gautam Bhan (Indian ... read more

26 Jan 2015
The Education-Migration Nexus: everyday lives of Cameroonian students in Leuven

CADES student Presca Esseh Wanki Kang will receive the award for Best Intercultural Master Thesis from the Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies on Wednesday 11 February. She won the award for her Master's thesis in Social and Cultural Anthropology on the everyday lives of Cameroonian students in Leuven.

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13 Jan 2015
CADES student and MO journalist Stefan Anrys on Radio 1

Radio 1 interviewed CADES student and MO journalist Stefan Anrys concerning the different reasons for the West's ignorance of the Boko Haram killings. You can listen to the interview (in Dutch) on Radio 1's website.

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03 Nov 2014
Guest Lecture by Rosalind Eyben - 25 November

In her latest book International Aid and the Making of a Better World, Rosalind Eyben critically examines her own behaviour as a development professional, researcher and teacher to explore what happens when trying to improve people’s lives in far-away countries. Self-deception, she warns, may construct obstacles to the very ... read more

28 Oct 2014
Guest Lecture by P. Sainath - 6 November

The Master of Cultures and Development Studies (CADES) has the pleasure to announce a guest lecture by internationally acclaimed Indian journalist and investigative reporter P. Sainath. The author of the non-fiction bestseller Everybody Loves a Good Drought (1996) will discuss daily lives and challenges of farmers in India, capitalist ... read more

30 Sep 2014
CADES graduate Christiaan De Beukelaer contributes to the conversation on culture

Culture mattters in approaches to change, say Christiaan De Beukelaer and Nancy Duxbury in a joint opinion piece in The Conversation. Yet, culture was largely absent from the MDGs and "judging by the “Zero Draft”, the same mistake is about to be made again" in the Sustainable ... read more

26 Sep 2014
Brown Bag Campus Seminar - 2 October

On 2 October HIVA, the Research Institute for Work and Society, organizes a brown bag campus seminar with Dr. Dugushilu Mafunda to discuss the role of emerging donors in governance of technology for development.
Dr. Mafunda is the Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness at the Tanzania Commission ... read more

20 Aug 2014
Inaugural Lecture Anthropology by Thomas Hylland Eriksen - 23 September

To celebrate the opening of the new academic year 2014-2015, the Social and Cultural Anthropology programme of the Leuven Faculty of Social Sciences cordially invites all CADES students and graduates to the 2014 inaugural anthropology lecture. It is our great honour to introduce this year’s guest, the distinguished anthropologist ... read more

29 Apr 2014

Inspired by Susan George's historical outline of the poverty battleground at the ISS Food Sovereignty Conference in the Hague in January, Mbongeni Ngulube, PhD student at the Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa and tutor of the CADES interdisciplinary seminar reflects on the power issues behind it, manifested in ... read more

28 Apr 2014
CADES graduate Sarah Jacobs's Master's thesis selected in Master thesis Journal 2014

CADES graduate Sarah Jacobs's Master's thesis was selected and discussed in the second edition of the Flemish Master thesis Journal, that was published in April 2014.
Sarah Jacobs participated in a contest for the best Master thesis of 2013 with a research on I-Kiribati imaginaries of home and ... read more

01 Mar 2014
CADES professors and students participate in 1st Coimbra group Winter School outside EU

At the end of January, CADES coordinator prof. Ann Cassiman, her colleague Filip De Boeck and 2 CADES students joined KU Leuven colleagues and students from architecture and geography for the 1st Coimbra group winter school outside of EU. As part of a multidisciplinary team of economists, architects, geographers, ... read more

20 Feb 2014
Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Lida Kurbanova - 5 March

Professor Lida Kurbanova published a book on gender relations in the Northern Caucasus. As part of the festivities for International Women's day, the Chechen sociologist will come to KU Leuven on March 5th to give a lecture on Gender, Conflict and Reconstruction in Chechenya. 

When? 5 March at ... read more

14 Jan 2014

The vacancies for the doctoral and postdoctoral researchers for the project 'Comparing Technology Cultures in Urban DR Congo (1960-present): Kinshasa, Kikwit and Lubumbashi' have been published on the University's website.

Here you can find them listed.

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07 Jan 2014
Artikel Campuskrant

Vorig jaar zat hij op zijn tandvlees: te veel verantwoordelijkheid voor zijn levenswerk Mobile School en Streetwize, met een maagzweer tot gevolg. Een motorreis – te zien als Los Easy Riders op Vier –, een professionele heroriëntatie en een dochter later is Arnoud Raskin gelouterd. Maar zijn missie is ... read more

09 Dec 2013
Ash Amin and Teresa Caldeira will close the Cities in Development Debates series

December 10th the last of our Cities in Development debates will deal with public space in Brazil. Both geographer Ash Amin and urban planner Teresa Caldeira will come to Leuven to share their insights in the creation, claim or expression of and in the public space of Belo Horizonte ... read more

04 Dec 2013
Guest lecture by Olaf Zenker - 9 & 10 December

Anthropologist Olaf Zenker conducts research in South Africa, Northern Ireland and Germany on issues of statehood, the rule of law, modernity, conflict and identity formations (esp. ethnicity, nationalism and autochthony), sociolinguistics and anthropological epistemologies.
During a PhD seminar in Leuven on December 9th Olaf Zenker will critically question ... read more

12 Nov 2013
Alejandro Echeverri and Richard Plunz discuss their work in Medellín and Kumasi

Architects Richard Plunz and Alejandro Echeverri will come to Leuven tonight for a third Cities in Development lecture related to their work in Kumasi and Medellìn respectively.
Under successive mayors of Medellín Alejandro Echeverri directed the urban policies and the strategic urban and architectural projects to mitigate the ... read more

04 Nov 2013
Full time post: Organisation Development Practitionerbased in Yaoundé, Cameroon, with travel throughout the Congo Basin region.

We are looking for an exceptional person who understands what makes a community group, a non-governmental organisation or an activist group effective and who can share that with organisations in forest countries in Africa.

Well Grounded provides organisation development support to our clients, who are civil ... read more

27 Oct 2013
Michael Herzfeld & Brian McGrath focus on urban dynamics in Bangkok

Anthropologist Michael Herzfeld and urban designer Brian McGrath will discuss their engagement with urban dynamics at play in Bangkok, based on - respectively - longterm engagement with a specific community and experiments with rapid assessment and multi-actor collaborations.

Michael Herzfeld has been engaged with a Bangkok community’s attempt to ... read more

10 Oct 2013
James Holston & Erik Swyngedouw open Cities in Development series

To kick start the CADES Cities in Development debates series, James Holston and Erik Swyngedouw will come to Leuven to share some of their current research on urban protests in the globalized cities in Brazil and Europe.

A professor in sociocultural anthropology at Berkeley, James Holston has been ... read more

12 Sep 2013

Horticultural Innovations and Learning for Improved Nutrition And Livelihood in EastAfrica (HORTINLEA)

Programme "GlobE - Global Food Security"
National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030 of the Federal Republic of Germany

Call for Applications

Applications for the ... read more

12 Sep 2013

Horticultural Innovations and Learning for Improved Nutrition And Livelihood in EastAfrica (HORTINLEA)

Programme "GlobE - Global Food Security"
National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030 of the Federal Republic of Germany

Call for Applications
Applications for the Doctoral Programme ... read more

10 Sep 2013
2013 inaugural Anthropology Lecture: Tim Ingold

To celebrate the opening of the new academic year 2013-2014, the social and cultural anthropology programme of the KU Leuven faculty of social sciences has invited distinguished anthropologist
Tim ingold as a guest speaker.

Ethnography describes social worlds. But what does anthropology do? Tim Ingold argues that ... read more

06 Sep 2013
The Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies

The Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS), funded since 2007 by the German Research Foundation of the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State
Governments, will admit PhD students to its doctoral programme beginning 1 April 2014.

The Bayreuth International Graduate School ... read more

01 July 2013
Full programme online

The social, cultural, economic and political trajectories of many cities in the Global South have often developed along completely different historical lines than those of cities in Europe and the West. Very often, cities in the South are depicted as problematic or even pathological entities compared to Northern cities, ... read more

07 June 2013
Guest-lecture by Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan

The African States are the product of three major dynamics: colonial history (a colonial state inspired by the occidental model, but very specific), development aid (a particular form of rentier state) and elite strategies (diverse forms of internal appropriation and privatisation of the state). Anthropologist Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan ... read more

13 May 2013
Seminar at De Markten - 30 May, 1-5pm

Emerging powers such as China, India, Brazil and South-Africa are challenging the global economic and political power balances. They are also scaling up their South-South cooperation, including with Africa. Is this the beginning of a new wave of colonization? Or a golden opportunity for development in Africa? A lively ... read more

10 May 2013
Guest lecture by Kim Gjerstad and Cedric Kalonji

Former UN worker Kim Gjerstad and journalist-blogger Cedric Kalojni come to KU Leuven as guest lecturers and pioneers of social media in Congo. The guest lecture will take place on Thursday 16th of May in the framework of a course on Anthropology and Popular Culture, taught by prof. Steven ... read more

03 May 2013
Guest Lecture by Prof Dr Keith Hart - 23 May

Economic anthropologist prof. dr. Keith Hart will come to Leuven for a guest lecture on the human economy and the crisis of money. The guest lecture will take place on Thursday 23rd of May as part of prof. Mark Breusers' courses Economic Anthropology and Development, Actors and Paradigms. The ... read more

26 Apr 2013

A one-day invited colloquium, Leuven, Friday, 10 May 2013
Organized by Katrien Pype (IARA, KU Leuven) and Jaco Hoffman (Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford (UK) and Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research, North-West University (South Africa)

Despite remaining younger than all other ... read more

19 Apr 2013
Guest Lecture Mirjam De Bruijn on Mobile Kin Communities

After the screening of her documentary 'Connecting Dreams: life stories, crossing borders and new ICT', professor Mirjam De Bruijn (Leiden University) will zoom in on her research on  the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and ICT's interrelationship with agency, marginality and mobility patterns in Central and West ... read more

16 Apr 2013

The former president of Ghana, His Excellency Mr. John Kufuor, has paid a visit to the MAS museum of Antwerp, more in particular to the 'Home Call' exhibition curated by Ann Cassiman.

This temporary exhibition features the Kasena of rural Northern Ghana and their unique architecture, ... read more

08 Apr 2013
New Debates series in the Fall

The Institute for Anthropological Research on Africa and the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning have jointly organized a new interdisciplinary debates series on Cities in Development, dealing with interdisciplinary reflections on the development of cities in the Global South.
Renowned experts such as Michael Herzfeld (Harvard U), ... read more

20 Mar 2013
Symposium on 18-19 April at KU Leuven

Kelly Askew (U. of Michigan), Charles Hirschkind (Berkeley U.) and Dorothea Schulz (U. of Cologne) are invited speakers for the symposium Being Muslim in the Age of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, organised by our colleagues dr. Katrien Pype (IARA) en professor Nadia Fadil (IMMRC).

Time and Venue
... read more

15 Feb 2013
Access, risks, knowledge, restitutions

For its 2013 conference, the Euro-African Association for the Anthropology of Social Change and Development (APAD) proposes to deepen the methodological, epistemological and ethical questions which are inherent to the relationships of research in humanitarian or development aid situations. The conference will take place in Montpellier, France 13-15 June ... read more

18 Sep 2012

Home Call is a temporary MAS exhibition featuring the Kasena of rural Northern Ghana. The exhibition pictures the Kasena and their unique architecture, which is construed without any plan, text or language. Instead, the quotidian movements and practices of the women give form and meaning to the houses they ... read more

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